You can find my ceramics and paintings, pots and vases, furniture and eclectic items in Msquare Gallery, Po├žo Barreto, PT 


My paintings can have customized subjects, I use mixed media, and I am a colour specialist. 

My ceramics are bright handmade creations to make you happy.

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Boost your interior with new items. Lets upgrade together some rooms or your full house, based on an existent or completely new situation.

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From garden design, construction from a parcial or full garden to maintenance. Adding a Mikki.F sculpture gives a complete other dimension to your garden. Big collection of exclusive pots and vases. Beautifull artificial flowers.

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    What our customers are saying

The most quirky and original art, great interior items and personalized service. 

THE BEST designer in the Algarve

Theo Van Essen - Belgium